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South Asian Health Support Program
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South Asian Health Support Program

Ethnic minorities coming from worldwide contribute to 5% of Hong Kong’s population.  However, many South Asians in Hong Kong are ignorant about health information and services available.  Owing to the low socio-economic status and lifestyle, many of them are susceptible to illnesses and chronic diseases.

With the funding from the Community Chest, UCN set up the ‘South Asia Health Support Programme’ (SAHP) since 2007 with a mission to improve the health of families and children of South Asian minorities by promoting health through maternal education and training of lay health advocate volunteers.

Service Contents:

Lifestyle - healthy eating and physical activity, obesity, smoking and alcohol abuse
Breast feeding and infant care
Post natal depression and maternal mental health
Child behaviour problem and parenting difficulties
Oral Health
Prevention of chronic diseases (particularly hypertension and diabetes)
Prevention of infectious diseases
Prevention of injury

Please visit our SAHSP website if you wish to know more about our South Asian Health Support Program.