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Chronic Disease Service

According to information collected, there is a growing number of chronically ill people and a confirmed trend on the lowering of the age of patients suffering from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart diseases and chronic respiratory diseases.

We provide medical and health care services to patients suffering from chronic diseases, helping them in monitoring and preventing any aggravation of their conditions. Special discount is available to the elderly.

The number of deaths of the five leading chronic diseases, 2016( Source: Department of Health)
  • Malignant neoplasms (14,209)
  • Pneumonia (8,292)
  • Heart Diseases (6,201)
  • Cerebrovascular disease (3,224)
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases (1,639)

Chronic disease patients require long-term care and drug therapy for effective control and preventing possible complications. Stroke caused by chronic hypertension is one of the example. Patients with chronic disease are also faced with family, work and social problems, hence caring and overarching medical support from professionals are essential for them. Our community health centres provide chronic disease management plans to suit patients' need:

  • Drug Therapy
  • Disease Surveillance – Prevent the deterioration of general condition
  • One-stop Integrated Treatment and Health Care
  • Comprehensive Diabetes Mellitus Management Service
  • Clinical Management of Chronic Hepatitis B
  • Features
  • Patients can select a doctor of their choice
    Our services are delivered on the basis of Family Medicine for the purpose of providing a comprehensive care to the patients and their family members
    Establishment of detailed and independent patient's record system to facilitate instant retrieval and speedy follow-up
    Providing one-stop services ranging from prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, including risk assessment and treatment, professional advice from the dietitian and physiotherapist, physical fitness assessment and diabetic support group, etc.
    Advance booking service is available to minimize patients' waiting time
    Discount in medical consultation and some of the drugs will be given to clients who have the following illnesses and attend our clinics for regular follow-up:
    • Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes Mellitus
    • Ischaemic Heart Disease
    • Asthma

    Service Locations & Opening Hours

    Jockey Club Wo Lok Community Health Centre
    UCN Jordan Health Centre
    Kwong Fuk Community Health Centre
    Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Community Health Centre