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Professional training

(eg. Medical staffs, Care workers, Teachers etc.)

When faced with an ever-aging population, the rise of non-communicable diseases, increasing food costs putting additional strain on low-income families and malnutrition, proper diet and nutrition becomes an even more important strategy to minimize negative health impacts for the community.

Our Community Nutrition Service received support from the Community Chest to deliver Community Nutrition Workshops for staff working at Social Welfare Organisations (including nursing homes, hostels, day care centres and children centres).

Target group:

  • Healthcare professionals (ie nurses / allied healthcare professionals / social workers)
  • Front line staff (ie health care workers / clinic assistants / chefs and catering staff)
  • Teachers

Workshop content puts emphasis on learning both theory and application, to provide a well-rounded approach and improve overall health and wellbeing. For more details on individual workshop contents, please refer to the Chinese version of this page.

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