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Comprehensive Diabetes Mellitus Management Service
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Comprehensive Diabetes Mellitus Management Service

Recent data shows that one in every ten people in Hong Kong are suffering from diabetes, over 20% of the patients are under the age of 40. Due to insufficient insulin secretion or insulin resistance, diabetics have high blood glucose level which in serious case, can cause various severe complications, e.g. heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, foot gangrene and amputation. Though diabetes cannot be completely cured, with early detection and effective control, diabetics still can lead a normal life. People with diabetes should thus evaluate their health condition regularly, so as to reduce their chance for developing complications.

UCN provides ONE-STOP Comprehensive Diabetes Mellitus Management Sservice, covering various aspects including drug therapy, complication risk evaluation, diet therapy, diabetes self-management skill training and Chinese medicine therapy, which together, provide comprehensive care to diabetics and help improving their quality of life in the long run.

Scope of Service

  • Diabetes Mellitus Complication Screening
  • Diabetics should undergo 'Diabetic Complication Screening' annually to evaluate their risks for developing complications. Doctors will recommend the most suitable screening package to patient based on his/her health condition.


    Items/ Health Check Packages







    Health Analysis Personal Health and Life Habits
    Medical History
    Basic Check-Up Blood Pressure  
    Waist Circumference  
    Eye Check Visual Assessment
    Retinal Photo  
    Foot Assessment Foot Nerve & Blood Circulation  
    Blood Glucose Fasting Blood Glucose      
    Blood Lipids Total Cholesterol      
    HDL Cholesterol      
    LDL Cholesterol      
    Liver & Kidney Functions Creatinine      
    Potassium & Sodium        
      Report by Medical Professional







    Those who participate any of the above package can join the "Diabetes Support Group"

  • Support Services:
    • Individual Nutrition Counselling Diabetes
    • To better control the blood glucose level, people with diabetes need to have daily meal planning on carbohydrates intake. Our team of experienced Registered Dietitians offer one-to-one nutrition counselling, tailor-made meal planning and recipe modification to help people with diabetes to have a balanced nutrition intake, maintain healthy body weight and prevent complications, which lead to an optimal long-term diabetic control. Please view the Community Nutrition Service webpage for details.

    • Chinese Medicine Treatment for Diabetes
    • Diabetes Mellitus is categorised as "Xiao Ke" disease in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine helps improving the body functioning and quality of life of people with diabetes through dietary therapy, herbal medicines or acupuncture therapy. Please view the Chinese Medicine Service webpage for details.

    • Diabetics Support Group
    • Those who join any one of our Diabetes Mellitus Complication Screening Packages will be eligible for participating in the Diabetics Support Group. The Group offers a free course to diabetes patients and their family members to train up their diabetes self-management skill. The course will be conducted by a group of professionals (including Dietitians, Chinese Medicine practitioners, Nurses, Health Maintenance Officers, Physiotherapists and Social Workers etc.) on a circular basis with 2 sessions per month. Free blood glucose test, foot assessment, blood pressure and weight measurement, body fat analysis and psychological test will be offered to the participants. Free health packs and coupons will also be distributed during the course.

  • FAQs on Diabetes Mellitus
  • Q : What is diabetes mellitus?
    A : Insulin is a hormone that is released from the pancreas to facilitate the storage of glucose as glycogen and triglyceride in the body. When the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body cannot use insulin effectively, sugar would accumulate in the blood and the excess sugar would be excreted in the urine.
    Q : What are the symptoms of diabetes mellitus?
    A : Many patients have no obvious symptoms and it is only found through blood test during health checks. Common symptoms include excessive thirst and hunger, increased urination, weight loss, fatigue and blurred vision, etc.
    Q : What kinds of people are prone to Diabetes?
    A : Diabetes Mellitus affects the middle-aged or elderly, especially those with family history, obesity, lack of exercise and women who had suffered gestational diabetes.
    Q : What are the complications of diabetes mellitus?
    A : In uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, prolonged high blood sugar can seriously damage the blood vessels and the nervous system, causing dysfunctioning of internal organs, and leads to complications such as heart diseases and stoke, renal failure, blindness, nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy, infection, ulceration and gangrene and amputation in the worst case.
    Q : Can diabetes mellitus be cured?
    A : Diabetes is a chronic disease that cannot be cured, but it can be controlled with medicine and the adoption of a healthy life style, so as to keep the blood glucose within normal limit, reducing the risk of having hyperglycemic complications.

    Service Locations & Opening Hours

    Jockey Club Wo Lok Community Health Centre
    Kwong Fuk Community Health Centre
    Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Community Health Centre