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Diagnostic Imaging Service
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Diagnostic Imaging Service

To enable the public to enjoy a wider range of medical services, we formally established Diagnostic Imaging Division in April 2008. Managed by an experienced team of registered radiologists and radiographers, we provide plain X-ray and common ultrasound scan services in 4 of our major community health centres to assist doctors to give quick and accurate medical diagnosis.

We introduced the green concept of film-less imaging through the use of Computed Radiography System with upgraded storage capacity, which reduces environmental pollution drastically. Our image service contains large storage capacity, allowing proper storage of X-ray images for future reference.

Through a computerized X-ray camera system, high quality medical images can be obtained more rapidly, which reduce the waiting time and radiation absorption for image re-take. The X-ray images can also be transmitted instantly to the attending doctor through internet for timely follow up, which greatly improve the service efficiency.

Service Scope

Use X-ray to examine the breasts and detect small lumps

Service Targets:

Referrals by registered doctors

Service Locations & Opening Hours

  • Jockey Club Wo Lok Community Health Centre
  • UCN Jordan Health Centre
  • Kwong Fuk Community Health Centre
  • Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Community Health Centre