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Good Neighbour Network

With the mission of helping chronically ill patients to adapt their community life during the rehabilitation process, UCN established Good Neighbour Network (GNN) in 1982, the first social support network serving chronically ill patients in Hong Kong.

  • Service Targets
    • Patients with chronic illness (eg. Hypertension, stroke and diabetes, etc.) and frail elders who live alone or cannot receive care from their family members during day-time
    • Family members, carers and neighbours of chronically ill patients
    • Volunteers
  • Our Mission
    • Provide community support services to patients with chronic illness
    • To advocate support from neighbours, volunteers and general public in order to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic illness
    • Support family members and carers to provide continuous care to chronically ill patients
    • Increase service target's awareness towards mental health and to encourage them to cope with stress in a positive attitude
    • Build up a mutual support and caring community
  • Services Scope
    • Home services
    • Visits
    • Social and recreational activities
    • Drop-in services
    • Interest groups
    • Equipment loan service
  • Articles on Our Services(Available in Chinese only)
  • Event Highlights(Available in Chinese only)
  • How to Apply
    • Referrals from registered doctors, social workers, community nurses, chaplains and other social service organisations.
    • Self-referrals are also welcome(Assessment is required)
  • Charity Sales of "Bead Crafts"
  • Members and voluteers of GNN jointly produce various bead-crafts. Through the process, it helps chronically ill members to regain their confidence and reintegrate into the community. The public can support the rehabilitative services to chronically ill patients by purchasing the bead-crafts.

    To view and purchase GNN bead-crafts, please visit the GNN facebook fanpage Facebook or download the order form here

    Service Locations & Opening Hours

    Good Neighbour Network (Sau Mau Ping)
    Good Neighbour Network (Kwong Fuk)
    Good Neighbour Network (Tin Shui Wai)