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Logistic Flow of Health Check
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Logistic Flow of Health Check

Client will go through all or part of the stations below, depending on the health check plan chosen. Clients should not expect "first-come, first-serve" and the duration of examination also varies.

Logistic flow of Health Check (Video)

Station 1 Reception

Present ID card for registration and fill in the health questionnaire

Station 2 Simple Examination

Measurement of Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, BMI, Fat Percentage and consultation by Health Maintenance Officer
Station2 Simple Examination

Station 3 Doctor's Consultation Room

Physical Examination and Assessment by Doctor
Station3 Doctor's Consultation Room

Station 4 Blood Taking Room

Blood sample taking for analysis
Station4 Blood Taking Room

Station 5 ECG Room

Remove accessories such as bracelet, watch, etc. as instructed by medical staff and undergo ECG
Station5 ECG Room

Station 6 X-Ray Room

Undergo x-ray examination*
*Please inform our staff with confirmed/suspected pregnancy
Station6 X-Ray Room

Station 7 Ultrasound Room

Undergo ultrasound examination*
*Due to different situation (such as full bladder is required for pelvis ultrasound), ultrasound examination may not follow normal line-up queue
Station7 Ultrasound Room

Station 8 Female Examination Room

Undergo breast/pelvic physical examination and cervical screening*
*Ladies who happen to be on menstruating should rearrange the appointment
Station8 Female Examination Room

Station 9 Bone Density Examination Room

Undergo DEXA Examination to measure the bone density*.
*Please avoid any alimentary tract contrast tests for seven days prior to the examination
Station9 Bone Density Examination Room

Station 10 Cashier

Settle payment and appointment making for follow-up consultation/report explanation