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Outreach Health Promoting Services
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Outreach Health Promoting Services

  • Cervical Cancer Prevention Service
  • Cervical cancer is one of the five most common female cancers in Hong Kong with over 400 women being diagnosed every year. In order to get women more health conscious and know more about its nature and prevention, we provide free outreach health talks to different organizations and schools.

    Please click here for details of Youth HPV Prevention Program
  • 'Fit and Smart' Program
  • A simple health test may just be the key to a smart life, and a fit physique is the first step toward a fruitful life. Physical fitness and mental sharpness are essential for employees as they handle challenging duties with efficiency, and for the retired as they plan for a relaxing yet meaningful life. Therefore, regular health tests are indeed necessary for individuals as they try to improve their bodily functioning.

    In view of the importance of health, we specifically designed a 'Fit and Smart' program, supported by our professional team of Occupational Safety and Health professionals, doctors, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, social workers and clinical psychologists, to equip participants with knowledge on health and hygiene.

    Activities designed for participating organizations or companies are listed below:

    • Health check - an effective way to increase individuals' awareness on their own health
    • Quick tests - including tests on blood glucose, cholesterol and hemoglobin. Participants can get the test results in a few minutes.
    • Health talks - topics on disease prevention and its control (common topics are osteoporosis, hypertension, cancer and stroke)

    Interested parties please call 2357 4008 for details.