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  • General Enquiries
  • General Enquiries

    How many Community Health Centres does UCN have?  Where can I find the health centres?

    UCN has eight community health centres. They are located at Wok Lok Estate & Sau Mau Ping Estate (Kwun Tong), Cheerful Court (Kowloon Bay), Kwong Tin Estate (Lam Tin), Sino Cheers Plaza (Jordan), Kwong Fuk Estate & Fu Heng Estate (Tai Po) and Tin Ching Estate (Tin Shui Wai) respectively.  Please click here for detailed contact information.

    What kind of services do UCN’s Community Health Centres provide?

    Our Community Health Centres provide wide range of health care services, including family medicine, chronic disease management, medical health check, vaccinations, travel health consultation, pathology laboratory & diagnostic imaging, dental, community nutrition, physiotherapy, Chinese medicine, smoking cessation for ethnic minorities and new immigrants, support group for chronically ill patients and health promotion activities.  Please contact our centres for enquiry and appointment.


  • Service Fees & Payment Method
  • Service Fees & Payment Method

    Is UCN a not-for-profit organization? Are the services provided free of charge?

    UCN is a sub-organization of United Christian Medial Service (UCMS, a registered charitable organization), which is a not-for-profit organization running on a self-financing basis.  Over 80% of the income is derived from service charges and others are the funding/subvention from The Community Chest, Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities, Social Welfare Department as well as donors’ support.    

    To finance our operations, charges are applied to most of the services. Some of the services with funding support are offered at preferential rates or free of charge to eligible persons.  Please contact our centres for further information.   

    Incomes derived from service charges are also used in rendering health care services to disadvantaged communities, for example, delivering outreaching services to patients with chronic illness and providing day care service and medical subvention to elderly in need.   

    What are the charges of UCN’s services? 

    As we have plenty of service items, you are welcome to contact our health centres for charges of individual items.  For prices of health check up plans, please click here.    

    What kinds of payment method are available?

    Payment can be made by cash/EPS/health care voucher at the Community Health Centres. Some centres also accept credit cards (VISA/MASTER). All charges of UCN's services will be updated from time to time without prior notice, whichever is finalized. Please contact our Community Health Centres for service details and fees.

    Can elderly settle payment by Health Care Voucher?

    Elders aged 65 or above who hold valid HKID Card or Certificate of Exemption are eligible to use health care voucher for settling payment for general outpatient, Chinese medicine, dental, physiotherapy or health check services, etc.

  • Appointment Making
  • Appointment Making

    How can I make/change an appointment?

    To make or change an appointment, please contact the respective health centres for arrangement.  For detailed contact information, please click here.

    Can I choose a designated doctor for out-patient or health check service?

    We have been promoting the concept of family medicine and encouraging patients to have their own family doctors for comprehensive and continuing health care services.  Therefore, patients can select a designated doctor for consultation and follow up when making appointment.


  • Health Assessments
  • Health Assessments

    Do UCN’s Community Health Centres provide “package” of health check?

    To accommodate the varying needs of different people, UCN provides various health check packages such as routine health check plans, female health check plans, diabetes mellitus complication screening, monitoring of hepatitis B and pre-marital health check.  Please refer to service pamphlets for details. 

    A health check plan consists of different check up items. What is the indication of each? How do I choose among different types of check up plans?

    The health check plans are designed according to the gender, age and the varying needs of different people.  Each item included in the health check plans has its own purpose and significance.  For details, please refer to the Definition of Health Check Items

    You may discuss with your family doctor before having health check.  Your family doctor will help you to choose the appropriate health check plan based on the gender, age, medical and family history, personal habits and the physical examination conducted.

    Can I change/cancel any single item in the health check plan?  If yes, will there be price difference?

    Items included in designated health check plans are selected accordingly to the gender, age and the varying needs of different people and therefore cannot be changed or cancelled. In special circumstances, chest x-ray can be cancelled and $50 can be deducted. 

    Besides standard health check up plans, are there any individual items provided?  How much do they cost?

    Besides standard health check plans, we offer other individual health check items to accommodate varies needs.  Please contact our community health centres for service details and fees.

    How should I prepare for the health check?

    To facilitate a smooth health check, please follow the instructions given by our medical staff when making appointment.  Please also see “Guideline for the Preparation of Health Check

    How is the logistic flow of conducting a health examination?  How long does it take to do a health check?

    Advanced booking is required for health examination.  In general, a comprehensive health check would take about 2 hours. For the whole logistic flow, please click here

  • Diagnostic Imaging/Pathology Laboratory
  • Diagnostic Imaging/Pathology Laboratory

    How to collect stool specimens for occult blood?

    Occult blood test is a test for detection of gastrointestinal bleeding. It facilitates early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer in order to improve chances of recovery. Please click here (in Chinese only) for the detailed instructions on how to collect the stool sample.

    Can I get the x-ray/ultrasound screening done in the same visit of health check?

    In general, x-ray can be done on the same health check day.  However, since the service hours of ultrasound screening vary in different centres, the arrangement can only be made if ultrasound screening available on the health check day also.  


  • Female Health Check
  • Female Health Check

    Should female health check be done by gynaecologist?

    Female health check including cervical smear, physical examination of breasts and pelvis can be done by general practitioner or family physicians. If abnormality is detected, women will be referred to gynecologist or surgeon for further investigation and follow ups. 

    What kind of services are provided by the Colposcopy Clinic of Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Community Health Centre?

    Managed by a registered specialist in gynaecology, the Colposcopy Clinic of the Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Community Health Centre, provides follow up treatments including colposcopic examination, biopsy to loop electro-surgical excision procedure to women with low grade cervical cell abnormality on pap smear. Referral from doctor and advanced booking are required.


  • Medicine Prescription
  • Medicine Prescription

    Can I purchase medicine without prior doctor’s consultation?

    UCN’s Community Health Centres are registered medical clinics and all medications must be prescribed by attending doctors.  Therefore, patients must come to the health centre for medical consultation by doctor and get the medicine prescribed.


  • Vaccinations
  • Vaccinations

    What types of vaccination services do UCNs’ Community Health Centres provide ??   

    UCN’s Community Health Centres provide many types of vaccination services, such as influenza vaccines, pneumococcal vaccines, hepatitis vaccines and HPV vaccines. Please click here for more vaccine information.

    Influenza Vaccines and Pneumococcal Vaccines are common preventive vaccines.  Who should take the vaccines?

    Influenza is a highly infectious viral illness and is caused by various types of influenza virus and new subtype variants appear from time to time.  Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts which strains of the virus are most likely to be circulating in the next year and recommends appropriate formulation influenza vaccine to ensure protection.

    The most common influenza vaccine in Hong Kong is Intramuscular Injection Vaccine and is recommended for people aged 6 months or above.  Influenza is more prevalent in periods from February to March and from July to August every year in Hong Kong and people are recommended to have vaccine before the height of influenza season to reduce the risk of infection and its complications.   As the immunity built up in a vaccinated person will decrease over time and the vaccine composition is updated every year, it is recommended to re-inject the vaccine every year. 

    Pneumococci are commonly found in the nose and throat of healthy people. It often causes meningitis, pneumonia and otitis media, etc. Elders, children, people who have weakened immunity (e.g. cancer patients, AIDS patients and those who have undergone splenectomy) and chronically ill patients are high infectious risk groups of pneumococcal disease.  Therefore, they should have the vaccination for protection. 

    There are effective vaccines to prevent the disease, include PCV7, PCV10, PCV13 and PPSV, which contain capsular antigens of 7, 10, 13 and 23 serotypes of pneumococci respectively.  The type and number of doses required depend on recipient’s age. Please consult family doctors on having the vaccination for personal protection.

    Does the influenza vaccine provided for free by UCN?

    We provide influenza vaccine service at five of our Community Health Centres at reasonable price. Besides, we have enrolled the vaccination subsidy scheme of CIVSS and EVSS of Department of Health to provide subsidized influenza vaccination service to eligible children (aged below 6)  and elders (aged 65 or above).  Please call our health centres for enquiry.


  • Travel Health Consultation ("Travel Drugs")
  • Travel Health Consultation (“Travel Drugs”)

    What does “Travel drugs” mean?  What kind of medicine will the doctor prescribe?

    To ensure a pleasant journey,travellers  are advised to bring along “travel drugs” for prevention purpose.  Usually, “travel drugs” include medications for headache, motion sick, diarrhea, cold, etc.

    Can I get “travel drugs” without seeing a  doctor?

    UCN’s Community Health Centres are registered medical clinics and all medications must be prescribed by attending doctors.   Besides, considering different hygiene standards of different countries and traveler’s individual health conditions, travelers should seek for a pre-travel medical evaluation four to six weeks before the trip. It is recommended to bring along the travel itinerary to consult the family doctor for the types of vaccines/medications required.  We provide travel health consultation service and please contact our health centres for details. 


  • Psychiatric Outpatient Service
  • Psychiatric Outpatient Service

    Which health centre(s) provide psychiatric outpatient service?

    Psychiatric outpatient service performed by registered psychiatrist is available at the Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Community Health Service (by making appointment only).  Accordingly to the individual needs of the client, our psychiatrist will provide medication management, mental health maintenance, individual and family counseling, etc.