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Individual Diet Counselling
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Service Contents

  • Nutrition assessment and weight management (for underweight, overweight and obesity)
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for chronic diseases (including diabetes, high blood cholesterol/lipids, high blood pressure, gout, kidney disease, osteoporosis etc)
  • Nutrition counselling for pregnancy (includes diet advice for pre/peri/post pregnancy, gestational diabetes / high blood pressure, breast feeding etc)
  • Nutrition counselling for infants, toddlers, children and teenagers on growth assessment and/or eating problems (e.g. picky eating)
  • Diet advice for men's health
  • Elderly nutrition (including management of malnutrition)
  • Cultural diet advice
Our registered dietitians will conduct anthropometric measurements (including Body Mass Index,fat percentage analysis etc.) with dietary analysis, with the aim to set personal, achievable goals and provide targeted diet advice and individualized meal plans for each client.