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Well Established with Decades of Experience

Established for more than 40 years, UCN is the pioneer in basic healthcare provision and has accumulated extensive experience in practicing social health care services.

Comprehensive ONE-STOP Primary Care Service

With a team of multidisciplinary medical and allied medical professionals, UCN provides the public with access to a wide range of medical and social services.


Professional Services at Reasonable Prices

With an aim of serving the community, UCN provides professional services to the public at affordable prices.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous internal and external quality control measures to guarantee service excellence.

Professional Family Doctors

Embracing the concept of family medicine, UCN provides continuity of comprehensive healthcare services to patients to enhance their physical and psychosocial health throughout their lives. All centres, accredited training centres for CUHK medical students, are staffed by family doctors.


High Quality Chinese Medicine Clinics

All Chinese medicine clinics are being attached to registered Chinese medicine practitioners, providing internal medicine, acupuncture, tui-na, body point adhesive-plaster as well as cupping services. In addition to internal, external, male, gynecology and pediatric medicine, we also focus on common diseases such as consumptive disease, insomnia, allergy nose, pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, dysmenorrhea and diabetes mellitus, aiming to improve patient's quality of life and to provide comprehensive, reliable and quality Chinese Medicine treatments and wellness services.


Strong and Close Community Ties

Serving the community for decades, UCN has built close relations with various organizations, including but not limited to governmental bodies, medical institutions, non-governmental organizations, religious bodies, academic institutions and commercial organizations, to promote community health.