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Diabetes Mellitus Complication Screening

Recent data shows that one in every ten people in Hong Kong are suffering from diabetes, over 20% of the patients are under the age of 40. Due to insufficient insulin secretion or insulin resistance, diabetics have high blood glucose level which in serious case, can causes various severe complications, e.g. heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, foot gangrene and amputation. Though diabetes cannot be completely cured, with early detection and effective control, diabetics still can lead a normal life. People with diabetes should thus evaluate their health condition regularly, so as to reduce their chance for developing complications.

Scope of Services

  • Diabetes Mellitus Complication Screening
Diabetics should undergo 'Diabetes Mellitus Complication Screening' annually to evaluate their risks for developing complications. Doctors will recommend the most suitable screening package to patient based on his/her health condition.

  Items/ Health Check Packages DM-01 DM-02 DM-03 DM-04 DM-05 DM-07
Health Analysis Personal Health and Life Habits
Medical History
Basic Check-Up Blood Pressure  
Waist Circumference  
Eye Check Visual Assessment
Retinal Photo  
Foot Assessment Foot Nerve & Blood Circulation  
Blood Glucose Fasting Blood Glucose      
Blood Lipids Total Cholesterol      
HDL Cholesterol      
LDL Cholesterol      
Liver & Kidney Functions Creatinine      
Potassium & Sodium        
  Report by Medical Professional    
Price $1,050 $930 $475 $870 $640 $280

Those who participate any of the above packages can join the 'Diabetics Support Group'

Diabetes patients can view our 'ONE-STOP Comprehensive Diabetes Mellitus Management Service' section for more details on diabetics support services.